IVANKA Trump’s Trademarks in China

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IVANKA has sought to register several trademarks in China covering a wide range of products and services (cosmetics, sunglasses, jewelry, handbags, clothing, beauty spa services).  These products and services are covered in the following international classes: 3, 9, 14, 18, 25, 35 and 44.  The marks include IVANKA TRUMP in English, IVANKA TRUMP in Chinese characters (in several forms for defensive purposes; similar to her father’s applications for “TRUMP” in Chinese characters), the logo and composite marks inclusive of both the IVANKTA TRUMP word mark and the logo. These 30 plus applications were filed between March to June 2016.  Refusals were issued to some of the applications in February 2017.  Despite the refusals (which are fairly normal and should in fact be expected for most of the trademark applications in China these days), four trademarks have recently been preliminarily approved.  The timing, however, is interesting: the approval came on the same date Ivanka Trump dined with China’s President (4/7/2017 US time). It is hard to say whether or not any political influence is involved in “facilitating” the approval process of these marks.  After all, although these marks did seem to fly through China’s examination process (barely 12 months), the time line does comply with China’s schedule discussed under the “new” trademark law.  Should anyone expect or count on a similar timeline to get their marks approved in China? Probably not. Is Beijing trying to send a signal? Again, hard to say. But one thing is for sure – it certainly does not hurt to have some facetime with China’s president when your trademarks are pending in the country.

So, what are the immediate benefits to Ivanka Trump from having dinner and facetime with China’s president? The answer: the ability to use (i.e., manufacture, retail and advertise) her following brands in China:

IVANKA TRUMP word mark in English for Class 18 handbag products; the IVANKA word mark for Class 14 jewelry products; and the logo (screenshot is below) in connection with handbag and beauty spa services in China.  Definitely not a bad deal from one dinner alone!

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